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Irresistible and handmade baked goods made with good stuff such as cage-free eggs, unrefined sugar and cultured butter make perfect pick-me-ups and sweet little gifts.

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A mouth-watering selection of wholesome meals to sustain you in between Zoom meets and virtual realities. Easy and delicious!

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Comfort food from different corners of the globe! Relish on our hearty mains and exciting appetisers that will turn your meal into a feast!

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Haagen-Dazs is REAL ice cream baby, not gelato, not eggless, not dairy-free, etc, etc. They are made in France with just a handful of ingredients like cream, eggs, sugar and natural flavours. We have six of my favourite flavours: Speculoos Caramel Biscuit & Cream, Cookies & Cream, Belgian Chocolate, Strawberry (to die for!!!), Vanilla and Coffee! They are all phenomenal! And since its mini cups, don’t expect anyone to share! To each his own! 


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Hey, our coffee reigns supreme! But also do check out our thirst-quenching lassis, our  turmeric chai latte and other bottled deliciousness.   

Essential Pantry Supplies

Yes, we get it, sometimes you just need a bottle of milk or you have that one essential ingredient missing for tonight’s dinner or tomorrow’s breakfast. We’ve got a range of excellent quality supplies for you, from fresh milk to cultured butter to GMO-free pasta and we will be updating this list regularly with more and more good things. Happy shopping!